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Relationship Consulting

Love, Intimacy, Sexualty Coaching

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Masterful Massage Therapy & Hands on Healing Work

EXPERIENCE Masterful MASSAGE & Loving Care.

Viraja gives an overview of how a client experiences the safe haven she creates in her healing & coaching sessions.

Clients heal and become more self confident, empowered, joyous, and create healthy positive relationships.

They are loved and accepted exactly where they are at in their lives.


Body Aches & Injuries

Feeling Unfulfilled or Loss of Joy

Being Disconnected from Yourself & Others

Loss of Intimacy or Feeling Sexy

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Transformational Touch™ in Person or Virtually!

You can NOW experience Viraja's Signature healing and coaching work 3 different WAYS!
  • in Person
  • on the Phone 
  • via Internet Video Conferencing
in person: $ call to discuss
on the phone: $ call to discuss
video conferencing: $ call to discuss
Most recommended ~ 3 month Transformational - "Get in Touch" Program
Designed for YOU.  Package Prices 
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Experience the joy of natural healing with compassionate and nurturing services from Viraja of Transformational Touch™. During your initial consultation, you will be asked questions about what you are looking for, what are your goals and whether you've ever done any personal-growth work. You will also be asked if you are familiar with the subtle energy of an energized body or chakras. Lastly, you may be asked if there's something in your life that you would change if you could.  Your session is a co-creation.  You are an active participant and completely in charge of your growth and transformation.  Each session and the modalities used will be chosen with your highest good and your ultimate liberation in mind.

Viraja Ma in Red Tank Top - Enhance your wellness with massage therapy and natural healing treatments from our life coach in La Jolla, California.

Natural Healing Services Include:

Massage & Energetic Healing
Massage therapy for every body!   Massage techniques include deep tissue, therapeutic, sports, acupressure, reflexology, Swedish, relaxing, chakra clearing and balancing, Reiki, Avesa, breathwork, trigger point therapy and more. Specialty Sessions have been developed that incorporate intuitive healing. Shamanism, massage therapy, life coaching, energetic healing, compassionate listening and unconditional love. Each session is different and totally customized to make a difference in your life.

Natural Healing, Intuitive Counseling
As a life wellness coach, I help you increase your body awareness by providing for you a complete overview of your physical body as it relates to other emotional, spiritual, mental, and energetic aspects of your being. We can only benefit from stopping and paying attention to each of these aspects because every one of them can effect our life and physical comfort. Additionally, these services will help you redirect the power in your life by releasing past or future focuses and beliefs and harnessing more energy to live in the present moment.

Tantra & Intimacy Coaching
Intimacy and Tantra coaching for both individuals and couples. These sessions revolve around opening yourself up to the energy flow that starts within you and flows into every part of your life. Volumes of information exists on such topics and these sessions focus on removing any resistance to living a fully joyous and tantric life.

 Seminars - LoveShops
Discover the peace and power that is attainable once the mind quiets down!  Re-awaken to having fun! Get in touch with your child-like nature!  Discover your true relationship with your body!  These seminars, or LoveShops as Viraja refers to them, will help you love yourself so that you can accomplish what you want in life. LoveShops available for couples, groups and corporations.

Viraja Ma in Black Top & Jeans - Enhance your wellness with massage therapy and natural healing treatments from our life coach in La Jolla, California.



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