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Amazing Client Testimonial!  4-20-09

 Dearest Viraja,

Thank you so much everything!!

We know from most great spiritual traditions that divine love, heals all.  After meeting with you, it is clear that you have a remarkable ability as a conduit for that divine love.

The session with you was certainly transformational and beyond that, it was transcendent, combined with powerful healing modalities.  Plus, your supremely gentle way, focused attention and intuitively Present spirit were amazing!! 

By the time we were finished, I had truly transcended my physical form in a way I had never known before.   I recall walking, my feet were moving and yet I was separate from that.  I was the pure consciousness moving thru space, the observer, watcher, the awareness that knew I was walking.  I recall thinking and talking, being so absolutely present...being the awareness beyond those thoughts and words.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I felt fantastic.  I have never been so aware of the river of energy flowing thru my body.  It feels as though I have been infused with light. 

I have to tell, I haven't really slept in two days.  I have tried and yet I am so full of life force energy I cannot seem to stop.  I have managed a little catnap here and there and I still feel great, despite not sleeping.

Thanks again for everything!!  See you again soon!!

In Love & Gratitude,
Ruben (San Diego)

"I'm writing this while still feeling and connecting into the healing work I received from Viraja today. It was my second healing session I've experienced with her and I'm finding it challenging to bring forth the words from mind/heart/soul to keyboard as I am still in the afterglow of the healing. I have worked with many healers over the years and ... most of them have been worth the time and money spent. They all have offered something different and worthy.

For me, Viraja's healing work is the most transformative and releasing of any I have ever experienced. In her sessions, there is so much going on that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but absolutely felt, even way after the healing work has completed. Some keywords off the top of my relaxed, calm mind that convey the experience: Heartfelt, Authentic, the Real Deal, Transformative, Healing, Happy, Nurtured, Insightful, Blissful, Heart Opening, Dynamic, Unexplainable, Other Worldly, Heaven, Necessary, Channeled, Completeness, Amazing!"   -  Rob Armstrong,

"After just two sessions with Viraja, I began to understand the unique nature of her  treatments.  In addition to a wonderful and refreshing massage, I discovered a sense of calm and satisfaction..."bliss brain" someone said.  I anticipate even more progress in future encounters."                                                                                      - M.W., Physician, San Diego 


"Viraja has a remarkable gentleness that is definitely felt through her soothing and therapeutic touch. She emits overwhelming love and compassion that work together to cultivate an incredibly safe and trusting environment. In this environment, I was able to expose parts of myself that had for so long been hidden by tremendous shame and discomfort. Thanks to Viraja, I am on my way to breaking down longstanding walls that I honestly thought I'd never see fall."  - Cameron, student NYU

happy results from life enhancement support therapy

 “Having used the services of numerous Holistic Health Practitioners over the years, I’ve been amazed by the quality of Viraja’s work, the healing power of her energy, and the general sense of well-being she imparts with her totally caring attitude and approach. Without a doubt she’s the greatest!"   - Rick, CEO, Carmel Valley (San Diego)

"I wanted to thank you again for your healing touch.  My outlook on life has been great ever since you have taken time out for me."  - DB, Business Owner, Escondido

"Viraja is one of those “once-in-a-lifetime" discoveries. She is truly a 'Master Healer', exeptionally gifted at moving and transforming energy. She is strong, intuitive and beautiful and will have you walking on air when she’s done." - RWG, Publisher & Writer, Carlsbad

"Viraja is extremely easy to talk to and very intuitive."  - TR, CEO, San Marcos 

"Incredibly Beneficial. I am so happy to have found you." - KB, San Diego

"I just don't see people offer what you do and the way you do it. This was amazing!"  - RG, Solana Beach

"Viraja is an amazing beautiful Goddess with a highly intuitive ablility to heal on all levels." - ZZ, Innovator, Encinitas

"I have conducted seminars internationally for over 20 years and have met a lot of amazing people, and I must say that Viraja is one of the most special individuals that I have ever met. I highly encourage you togive yourself the gift of receiving from this powerful Goddess."     - Chris Luth, Tai Chi Master, Tai Chi In Paradise Retreats

"Viraja, I know I experienced the "real thing" with you. There are many self proclaimed energy workers that can give a decent massage,  but what I received was something extraordinary. Your approach let me open up emotionally allowing all the restricted energy to just flow, I felt my chi was just flowing like never before. You have a gift to channel your love and energy to others!" - AL, Sales, San Diego

" I thoroughly enjoyed our session.... my body and spirit felt relaxed and renewed.... your style and presence allowed me to relax, breathe deeply and let go..... Ahhhhh!"  - P, Business Owner, Encinitas

"I love your energy, it makes me feel at ease and leaves me feeling clean and refreshed." - KS, La Jolla   

Happy female client

"I really enjoyed your company. You are supremely special." - SD, Lawyer, San Diego

"My initial session with Viraja was a most unique and profound experience - one that I would highly recommend to anyone who is not only looking for a fabulous massage, but for highly-qualified energy work performed with a thorough knowledge and expertise.

Viraja is a most gracious and attractive person, both inside and out, and made me feel instantly at ease.  The time spent in consultation leading up to the physical treatment was instrumental in setting the tone for literally the BEST massage I've EVER experienced!  My only regret was that I was unable to schedule a longer session - but there's always next time!

If you are looking for that "someone special" to heal not only your physical - but also your spiritual being, then I cannot recommend anyone any more highly than Viraja.  I look forward to our next session with great anticipation ... thank you again!"                                                                                                                     - MH,  Web Engineer, Encinitas

"I loved our first meeting/massage.  It was a pleasure to meet you and make your acquaintance.  I think we connected pretty well.  My ADHD symptoms were all but gone after my massage, at least for a while."  - JP, La Jolla

"We have been seeking someone that we like and trust." - anonymous

 "Last night was incredibly special for my husband and I!  Thank you for taking our heart space to a whole new level.  He said it was the best birthday he has ever experienced!  He even said he was glad that it was not sexual.  It allowed him to let go of an outcome and receive a blissful spiritual experience.  My intention for deeper levels of intimacy was set and granted.  I have never felt closer to my wonderful husband than I do right now.  Our heart energy fills the room every time we are together.  My heart is so expanded! I get to share it everywhere I go and in everything I do! "                                          - MM & LM, Oceanside  

Deeper Intimacy with Couples Love Coaching

be sexy tuesdays
Comments from "Be Sexy Tuesday" participants:
"A beautiful experience that welcomes every woman to explore their 'goddess' or 'sexiness' in such a gentle, loving, fun and spiritual way." 
- Goddess participant
"Tuesday Night Sexy was just that!  True sensuality comes from speaking, being, and moving in truth.  Viraja creates a juicy space to be that authentic sensual truth!" 
- Margaret, Teacher
"This was my first experience attending any type of spirituality gathering/class and I loved it!  It opened my heart, mind and spirit and made me want to connect with my energy within and with the energy of others.  I feel so much better about myself.  Thank you, I am so enlightened!" 
- Goddess participant


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