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Welcome to a new perspective on life... your body... your emotions... your outlook... your confidence... your health... your relationships...

Intimacy Coaching will inspire you to let go of fear and past wounds.
Intimacy Coaching will encourage you to try a n
ew way.
Intimacy Coaching will empower you to feel your best about yourself and others.
Intimacy Coaching will help you discover more love and learn how to share it.
Intimacy Coaching will lead you to discovering your heart's desires.
Intimacy Coaching will assist you in knowing your needs and how to get them met.

Intimacy Coaching will guide you to your truth and increase your peace of mind.

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~~~ Allow yourself the opportunity to create a deeper relationship with yourself and others

~~~ Relax and discover who you really are

~~~ Enjoy being truly seen, heard and appreciated

~~~ Express your needs, wants, desires and learn how to get them fulfilled

~~~ Build confidence in your self and the way you connect with others

~~~ Heal past wounds and strengthen your love for yourself

A SAFE HAVEN awaits you...                                                                    
~ A Kind, Loving, and Supportive presence will witness you. ~  An Open, Deep and Powerful Heart will accept you exactly the way you are. ~ Infinite Wisdom and Grace will inspire you. ~ Profound Truth and Energy will assist you. ~ Confidentiality, Privacy and Unconditionality are abundantly yours. ~

~ Sessions are catered to you and the support of your overall well-being, wholeness and empowerment.

Sessions are facilitated by a Viraja, a professional Female Intimacy Coach and Healer with 13 years experience (M.A. Life Physics, CMT, Reiki Master, +) via the phone or she may travel to you. She serves as a guide for you to claim your health, wellness, wholeness, empowerment and self-love. She speaks with you and may facilitate energy work or hands on healing (ie: from a distance or hands above your body or lightly touching it or massage). This is not a sexual service and all sessions are done with the facilitators clothes on.

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Couples therapy, Intimacy and Love Coaching with Viraja

Take your relationship to the next level...
...get it going in the direction that feels wonderful again.

There are many ways that we interact and communicate, especially with our intimate partner. Some of these ways are conscious and intentional and some are unconscious and accidental. With awareness one may make different decisions and choices about their behaviour and communication. Powerfully positive results can occur when areas of difficulty are identified and a desired outcome can be agreed up on by the individual and aligned with by the partner.
Once a common focus is identified any resistances to this that occur in either partner or in their combined energy can be discovered, released, healed, a new way created and then integrated. The results can be greater harmony within your relationship, improved communication, more passion, fun, creativity, renewed appreciation for each other and increased unconditional love.

During a private couples session, existing patterns and tendencies that occur in your relationship will be identified through speaking in question and answer format, an assessment of your energetic patterns, intuitive guidance, and perhaps even hands on bodywork. These sessions focus on the left and the right brain, logic, intuition and creativity. Unconditional love and non-denominational Spiritual perspectives are offered and available if desired.

Receive Life Enhancement Support in a private, loving, non-threatening, non-judgemental, empowering, high vibrational setting with an experienced, skilled, professional healer and coach.

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"I have really benefited from the time we spent together.  I have been thinking about it a lot."  TR, San Marcos

"I love your energy, it makes me feel at ease and leaves me feeling clean and refreshed." - KS, La Jolla

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