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Goddess Viraja Ma - Enhance your wellness with massage therapy and natural healing treatments from our life coach in La Jolla, California.

Viraja Prema is here to help you open up to greater experiences of love.  She offers support and guidance in changing and maintaining new perspectives.  Viraja coaches people into their heart space and assists them in achieving balance in life (especially physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual).  She is passionate about teaching children, young and old, about the beauty of their bodies and their love. She is dedicated to helping you improve your relationship with yourself and others... it is a great honor to be invited into the intimate aspects of your life.

Viraja Prema


Professional Credentials and Interests
Viraja Prema, earned her Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine with a Minor in Business and Biology from University of the Pacific.  She followed this with a Masters Degree in Life Physics from California Institute for Human Science and is currently in a PhD program in Integral Health & Psychology. Viraja is a Holistic Health Practicioner, a trained and licensed Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher and is attuned to the AVESA energy and Ananda Joytir Diksha through Sai Maa.  She is also trained in Tantra, Yoga and the "Mosely Method" of Intimacy Training and as a Dakini - Sexual Healer.  She has traveled, lived and worked internationally as a massage therapist and healer and has been professionally involved in healing work since 1995. Some of Viraja's other talents include being a professional mascot, yacht crew, musician (singer, flutist), Goddess, model, actress, dancer (belly dancing and other styles), California Real Estate agent and a mother of two sons.  Viraja is fully committed to bringing positive change to your life.


A Word from Viraja


Viraja, why did you start Transformational Touch? 

It is my and everyone's birthright to enjoy all aspects of life and one's existence while creating the things that they want. That is why I established Transformational Touch. I feel the freedom and liberation from releasing myself from all things that no longer serve me and want to share this joy with you. I receive so much joy and healing from holding space for others to free themselves.  I expand and expand with love when I work with others who are open to really knowing who they are.  During each session, I will intuitively find the questions and the techniques that will help you learn more about yourself... in a comfortable and intimate setting ~ a safe haven.

Do you have a focus for the sessions?

What is experienced in the work I do, be it private sessions or group offerings, is a co-creation between me and the participants... and also our egos as well as our higher selves.  I serve as a tour guide.  I focus on the individuals achieving a state of alignment in their energy system (Chakras).  I focus on any place of resistance, density, blockage or 'pain' that reveals itself in that session.  I offer the invitation for such blockages to be released.  I also stand by to assist the client to feel a deeper and cleaner connection with themselves now that some of the 'baggage' has been released.  I call this connecting with one's core, center, or true self. 

I offer relationship consulting and coacing in the realms of sexuality, intimacy and relationships.  If the client chooses, then these areas will be discussed and a program created to support the client or couple.

 How do you know what to do with your clients?

I can tell you all of the numerous types of training, certificates, attunements, degrees and gobs of experience I have and honestly that feels like 'blah, blah, blah' to me... and I am also very proud of the many degrees, trainings and tools I have accumulated.  The truth is is that EVERYTHING I experience I incorporate into what I share with my clients.  EVERYTHING I heal and discover about myself I offer to others.  I believe that all of my challenges, opportunities, lessons and joys have occurred so that I can now share my gifts with others.  I use the game plan we create in our initial session and my clairsentient abilities to 'channel' the flow of the session.  My deep care, excellent listening skills, intuitive guidance system and body wisdom guide us as I hold your intentions in my heart along with the intention for the Highest Good of all.

Why do you talk about love so much?

I believe that love can heal everything.  Underneath all of our fears and doubts we will find love.  It seems to me that it all boils down to fear or love.  Our physical experience here requires that we learn how to flow this love through us so that we can move about on the planet in a loving way and feel the love that we are.  When one experiences trauma or lack of support then blockages build up in the body (the physical, emotional and energetic body).  These blockages do not make sense to the part of us that knows we are love and therefore categorizes the limited flow of love as fear.  In the presence of love all of our limitations will be flushed to the surface and eventually out... leaving the direct experience of love, joy and liberation.

So Viraja, are you Religious?

I consider myself Spiritual.  I feel and acknowledge the power and presence that is all around us, in us and maybe even is us! Some call this presence God, Source, Heavenly Father, Muhammad, Creator, Maker, Divine Mother, Mother Nature, etc.  All I know is that connecting to this presence feels REALLY GOOD no matter what word I use in that moment.   Ammachi (, a female spiritual teacher,  from India (The Hugging Saint) has served as my Spiritual Mother at times of great growth for me.  Jesus is very close to my heart and I was raised Christian.  In the greatest and simplest sense of it all... I am a Devotee of Love.

What does Viraja mean?

Viraja is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language that originated in India.  The way Viraja was  first defined for me was: a Goddess, one of the names used in India for the Divine Mother, and Fearless.  Upon further exploration I discovered additional definitions... One without fears, impurities, hatred, anger, non-beneficial desires.  One who possesses Special Radiance, Holy Waters, and Exalted Worlds.

This name was bestowed up on me in 2003 by Amma.  It has tested me, scared me, challenged me and empowered me.  I believe that all words and sounds create specific vibrations and these vibrations all serve a unique purpose and function.  As the word Viraja is spoken a purification happens and all who say it become more of an embodiment of the above definition.  Thank you Amma!

As I see it, my origional birth name, which I LOVE, is the caterillar's name.  Viraja is the name of the Butterfly.

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Questions from the Crowd... 

Q:  Can you help people who feel beyond help?  Fear feels like my middle name.

A:  I would love to assist you with your experience of fear and feeling beyond help.

A wonderful place to start is with creating a safe space for you to express yourself fully, without being judged.  Another is to get you reconnected to 'yourself', re-set your energy field, and align your chakras.  It also sounds like it would be helpful to address your 'worthiness' beliefs.
Q:  Do you offer sensual massage?
A:  "Sensual" Massage and "Happy Endings" are NOT sevices I offer.  I take pride in guiding clients on how to open up to and allow life force energy (shakti)- and this includes sexual energy.  It seems that there comes a time when a person is ready to experience what is beyond  the need to ejaculate or have sex.  This is when they may be ready for the support I offer as a body & energy awareness coach, heart tutor and Tantra educator.

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